The Villages Journey

As we continue to learn more about each of our villages, we have inspired ourselves to facts or stories coming from each village. Most people are proud of the town they come from and are aware of the stories or the history that has given each village its own identity.

This menu aims to share part of this culture through our degustation and hence shed further light on our identity.

The Villages Journey

8-Course Degustation

Qormi *

Bread, Tomato & Caper ‘Arjoli’
Toasted Buckwheat Sobacha, Almond Oil
‘Imqarrun’ Beef Short Rib, Parmesan Croustade
Butternut Squash, Pumpkin Seed Praline


Local Amberjack Tart, Fennel Marmalade, Labneh Dill Aioli
Pink Grapefruit, Xemxija Caper Shoots
Marinated & Puffed Quinoa Salad, Crème Fraîche

Ħamrun **

24-Month Aged Comte Agnolini “Mantovani”
Lacto Braised Snails, Chicken & Truffle Sauce
Fresh Summer Black Truffles

Xemxija ***

Milk, Honey, Local Extra Virgin Olive Oil

St. Paul’s Bay

Fish Of The Day 
Cauliflower Purée, Calamansi, Milk Bun, Scallop Farci
Breizh Curry Beurré Blanc


Saddle Of Lamb, Spinach Farci
Zucchini, Tomato, Haricots Verts
Lamb Belly Kiev, Cantabrian Anchovy Custard
Sauce Au Poivre

Victoria, Gozo *****

Single Origin Chocolate
Toasted Barley Royale, Dark Chocolate Cake
Milk Chocolate Ice Cream, Puffed Cereal Grains
Local Sheep’s Milk

Petit Fours

Price Per Person (8 courses) – €120

Optional Beverages Pairing – €60

Price Per Person (5 courses) – €90 *

Optional Beverages Pairing – €45

Degustation menus are designed to be enjoyed by the whole table only.
Kindly inform us of any intolerances or allergies