We are constantly listening to the preferences of our guests and these menus reflect the journeys that we feel are most appropriate. Nonetheless, please feel free to communicate with us if you would like to organise something specific you have in mind.

A la carte

Our seasonal a la carte menu gives our guests the opportunity to experience a representation of the present gastronomical mindset our team would like to share. This menu usually changes every three months.

Tasting Menus

We are fully aware there are a number of guests who love trying a larger selection of dishes during an evening. Two of the three tasting menus we created, give our guests the option to experience our interpretation of the past and the future. Additionally, we also have a degustation menu for those who love Vegan food. 

Celebration Voucher

Our move from Lija to Corinthia Attard also coincides with our 5th anniversary on the 4th October 2021. To celebrate this moment we would like to offer our guests the ability to purchase a voucher worth €100 for the price of €85. 

This is a one time offer to thank all the guests that have visited Bahia together with all those that are happy to visit us once we open at Corinthia Attard.


Over the years, creating Vegan food has become an area the whole team enjoys. Besides creating an annual event where all the food is Vegan, we also have a Vegan degustation and a Vegan a la carte found below.

Lactose & Gluten Free

Sometimes by choice, sometimes by necessity. We strive to provide our guests with creative and flavourful food, even when we need to omit lactose, gluten or both from our menu.

Set Menus

For groups larger than 12, we may need some more preparation to retain the same level of service that we expect from ourselves. These menus priced at €55, €75 and €95 will assist our guests to choose from a set selection, whilst giving us some more lead time to prepare ourselves. If you would like to inquire about these menus, please select the button below.


Choosing the right beverages to accompany a meal is another important part of the experience at our restaurant. All our beverages are taken care of with love to make sure they are in optimal conditions when they are selected and served to our guests.