After dedicating the time to research part of our heritage, we would like to take our guests back in time. We have chosen 8 important periods during Maltese history, and used some of the representative ingredients during those times to create a contemporary dish. 

This menu pays homage to the importance of our diverse historical developments that led us to be what we are today.

Amongst the periods researched, this menu represents the following: Stone Age, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Knights Hospitallers, Maltese.


8-Course Degustation


Maltese Ftira,
In House Pickles, Pumpkin Seed Dressing *

Stone Age (5800 BC – 2500 BC)

Charred Local Red Prawn
Prawn & White Miso Glaze, Caper Berry Mustard,
Prawn Chawanmushi, Fennel, Sea Herbs, White Prawn Waffle,
Caper Gel, Lemon Thyme **

Phoenicians (712 BC – 280 BC)

Spelt Salad In Melqart Dressing
Crispy Lamb Bacon Crumbs, Chives, Tomato Confit & Nocellara Olives, Sheep Milk Foam 

Romans (218 BC – 870 AD)

Milk, Honey, Local Extra Virgin Olive Oil ***

Arabs (870 – 1090)

Fresh Fish Of The Day
Sumac Tart, Chickpea Hummus, Red Lentils, Mint, Kaffir Lime,
Verjus & Turmeric Velouté

Knights Hospitallers (1530 – 1798)

Slow-Cooked Saddle of Rabbit, Foie Gras Bonbon, Autumn Black Truffles, 
Chicken Juices, Crème Fraîche ****

Malta (1964 – yesterday)

Almond & Aniseed Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cake, Date & Orange Purée, ‘Imqaret’ Mousse, Almond Ice-Cream, Florentine *****

Petit Fours

Nougat Made In-House

Price Per Person (8 courses) – €90

Optional Beverages Pairing – €50

Price Per Person (5 courses) – €70 *

Optional Beverages Pairing – €40

Degustation menus are designed to be enjoyed by the whole table only.
Kindly inform us of any intolerances or allergies